Ministry Team Openings at the Boardwalk Chapel

Quick Facts

  • Trip Status: Summer 2024 now open!
  • Date: June 8, 2024 - August 24, 2024
  • Contact: The Boardwalk Chapel
  • Trip Costs: $4,000. Flat rate for any sized group. Covers housing for the week.
Interested in having your church’s youth group spend a week at the Chapel? Contact the Boardwalk Chapel now to save your spot for 2024!

Summer 2024 Openings:

  • June 8 – June 15 (Defining the Faith Training Week)
  • June 15 – June 22 (Defending the Faith Training Week)

Summer 2025 Openings:

  • June 7-14 (Defining the Faith Training Week)
  • June 14-21 (Defending the Faith Training Week)
  • July 12 – July 19
  • August 16 – August 23

Want to serve the Boardwalk Chapel now? The Chapel is in need of a few items for this upcoming summer in their staff homes! If you’d like to support them in a tangible way, please consider purchasing items from their 2024 registry!

Ministry Team Leaders say:

“I arrived at the chapel with thirteen mice, and a week later I left with thirteen lions.  The Boardwalk Chapel is at the same time a safe house for fellowship, and a bootcamp for zeal; a haven of prayer and a hive of song.  It is all these things and more because the Lord has so obviously been pleased to use it.”

“I see this as a great opportunity for church members of all ages to be trained in evangelism and grow in boldly speaking of Christ. Team members return home with a greater enthusiasm to practice evangelism in their community.”

Ministry Team members say:

“The fellowship with the Chapel staff in prayer is truly amazing, and I was motivated to seek out opportunities to have that kind of fellowship with the believers in my life.”

“I loved fellowshipping with the teens and witnessing their many talents in the service of Christ.”

“I particularly enjoyed observing the different approaches that other team members and the chapel staff took to engage in discussion—I marvel at the gifts and knowledge that God has given individuals to spread His gospel.”

This is an intensive one week missions trip at the Boardwalk Chapel for church groups consisting of youth, young adults, and families. Church groups receive training in evangelism and apologetics, and participate in evangelism throughout the week, equipping them to share the Gospel. The groups work alongside our summer staff, assisting in nightly programs through prepared music, Gospel skits, and short preaching segments. Through this missions experience at the Chapel, church groups will grow in knowledge and love of the Lord, their love for the Gospel, and greatly strengthen their fellowship with one another.

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