Ten Steps for Doing STM Trips Well

10 Steps for Doing Short-Term Missions Trips Well by Sarita Hartz relates the down-to-earth experience and perspective of an unorthodox missionary blogger.

"There is a widening disconnect between what churches and teams think are necessary or helpful, and what actually provides long term sustainable impact for missionaries and nations..."

  1. Pour into the missionaries, not "the children"
  2. Seek to serve, not self-glory
  3. Test your motives
  4. Have a specific, needed skill to offer
  5. Be a learner and be relational
  6. Ask about cultural and social norms before you go and respect them
  7. Be flexible and put your ego aside for a week
  8. Be generous with your time, your talents, and you patience
  9. Be compassionate and kind, but don't be led by needs; be led by the Holy Spirit
  10. Follow through

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