STM Survey Results – 2019

Responses were received from 43.5% of those to whom the 2019 Summer Short-Term Missions Survey was sent.

Survey results are shared here for the benefit of:

  • STM fields and organizers
  • STM team leaders
  • Those considering joining, or sending, a team in the future
  • Those who follow OPC short-term missions and pray for them


...had served on the same STM field previously


...follow short-term missions via the S.T.O.R.M. Report


...rated their experience as positive or very positive


...were scheduled to present a report on their trip to their church


...found the cost of the trip "just right"


...did not find it difficult to raise funds for the trip


...had some or all expenses paid out of their church, missions, or youth budget

Other means of raising funds:

  • used my own funds
  • asked family, friends, church members to support me
  • my church took up a special offering; held a fundraiser
  • my family paid for me
  • trip subsidized by presbytery
  • I was paid

"Would any of the following have helped you feel
BETTER PREPARED for your trip?"

(more than one answer permitted)

"As a result of this STM experience, I..."

(more than one answer permitted)

Some answers to...

"What would you say to someone who is thinking about serving on this field?"


Boardwalk Chapel - Staff (serving for the summer):

  • Be prepared for a deep, hard, but absolutely amazing summer of work, prayer, and fellowship.
  • There is nothing like it. What we learn, the things we get to do, and the ways we get to serve are incredible.
  • Please don't come expecting this to be a vacation. Please come if you are ready to live alongside others, take instruction, and serve.

Boardwalk Chapel - Ministry Teams (church groups serving for a week):

  • It was an incredible experience. We grew so much as a group and are closer than any of us expected.
  • The chapel is a fantastic opportunity to pick up good evangelism training and experience, and a wonderful, healthy environment for you to learn and grow in your faith.
  • A friend from last year surprising me by greeting my group, and a new friend this year chasing after our van as we left, waving, are memories I hold dear.
  • Team Leader: I have witnessed in my team significant growth and fruit in the form of boldness, a hunger for spiritual activities, maturity, and fellowship.

Czech Republic - English Camp:

  • It takes a lot of prep, but the English Camp week is a unique and wonderful opportunity to get to know unbelievers and to share the gospel in detail.
  • Don't be overwhelmed by the prep work.
  • It important to go on a trip like this because of a desire to serve and to spread the gospel, not a desire to see the world.

Czech Republic - Team Praha:

  • Lots of work, but great opportunities to speak of Jesus to wonderful people.
  • Really think ahead about how you want to communicate the Bible to the teens on the hiking trip portion of the trip. You need to prepare yourself to be willing to share the gospel with them even when you’re nervous.
  • Plan to focus totally on getting to know the Czechs, rather than American teammates. The time is short, so speak early and often about the gospel.

Puerto Rico - Outreach and Encouragement:

  • Puerto Rico is a beautiful place, our churches there are wonderful, and it's a privilege to serve with them.
  • It is helpful to be able to speak Spanish since most of the outreach is done in that language.

Quebec - English for Kids Bible Camps:

  • You will find lots of support from your other team members and learn a lot about how God enables those he calls.
  • You will not only be helping the kids to understand the Bible message, you will also gain a much deeper understanding of it yourself.
  • This is a great opportunity to serve unreached children and families in Quebec City -- so close to home but different in culture.
  • This is an excellent opportunity to support a missionary in his work.
  • You'd better be good with kids because there are a lot of them!


  • I learned a lot about missions on this trip and was extremely blessed by the missionaries and people there.
  • Be OK with not having access to the luxuries of USA life. There is a lot of work to be done and your help is needed.

Zoar, Wisconsin - Menominee Missions:

  • Go with an open heart to the kids - be willing to go with the flow and get on their level. Leave behind any cultural preconceptions and be open-minded to what you may learn from the people on the reservation.
  • It's a great way to get your feet wet in the area of missions.

Two things that were recommended over and over:

Plan ahead. And on the field, be flexible!




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