Missionary Associates

Missionary Associate Angela Voskuil in Uganda in 2019


Missionary Associate (MA) appointments are made by the OPC Committee on Foreign Missions.

OPC Short-Term Missions helps to get the word out about MA opportunities through its website and S.T.O.R.M. Report.

We have seen how God can use a short-term missions experience to spark someone's interest in serving as a Missionary Associate.

In the 2018 short-term missions survey, 19% of respondents who had served on short-term missions teams indicated they were now interested in serving as a Missionary Associate.

OP mission fields in Asia, Czech Republic, Haiti, Japan, Quebec, Uganda, and Uruguay have all welcomed Missionary Associates who were introduced to missions through short-term missions.

The objectives of MA service are:

  • To assist a foreign Mission in its evangelistic outreach and other tasks
  • To test an individual's gifts for long-term service as a foreign missionary
  • To enrich the MA’s life for greater service as a member of their local church

Basic requirements for service as an MA are:

  • Communicant membership in good standing in an OP church or church of like faith and practice
  • Personal doctrinal convictions that align with Reformed theology
  • Availability to commit to at least three months, though preferably one or two years, of service

Specific duties of the MA are:

  • Determined by the Mission according to its needs, the cultural situation, and the gifts of the MA

The MA application procedure includes:

  • Completion of forms required by the Committee on Foreign Missions
  • Assessment of the applicant's training and experience to determine if he or she is qualified for the tasks assigned by the Mission
  • Approval by the Candidates Committee in consultation with the Mission
  • Potential field-specific requirements

Upon acceptance as an MA the candidate will be encouraged to:

  • Begin working through a suggested reading list for field orientation
  • Spend the first month or two on the field in concentrated language study

On the field, the MA will:

  • Be expected to accept the authority and direction of the Mission
  • Report on his or her work at each regular meeting of the Mission

Financial considerations for the MA:

  • The Committee on Foreign Missions does not provide salary, housing, fringe benefits, or travel funds for the MA
  • The MA must raise all their own support
  • The Committee and the Mission will help the MA develop a personal budget

The Mission helps the MA by:

  • Making arrangements for language study
  • Helping to find housing
  • Providing orientation to the culture and history of the country, the status of Christianity in that area, and the current work of the Mission
  • Supervising the MA's work on the field
  • Providing fellowship with the Mission families

Fields That Utilize Missionary Associates:

  • Asia
  • Quebec
  • Uganda
  • Uruguay


Current Openings for Missionary Associates:

Current MA Opportunities


For all the details regarding MA service, contact:

Rev. Douglas Clawson
Associate General Secretary
Committee on Foreign Missions
[email protected]


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