Travel Medical Insurance

by David Nakhla, OPC Short-Term Missions Coordinator

Suitcases (taken by David Nakhla, Czech English Camp 2013)

You’ve heard the slogan, “Don’t leave home without it!”

Here’s a new slogan:  “Don’t leave the country without it!”

Without what?  My passport?  Yes, that too.  But probably one of the most frequently forgotten items is travel medical insurance! (Don’t worry, I don’t get paid to tell you this!)  Many don’t realize that when we board a plane and leave our home country, there is a good chance that we are no longer covered by our health insurance.  Worse yet, who is going to foot the bill when we are injured in some way and require special transport home.

There are many other liabilities faced by traveling abroad that can be very inexpensively mitigated through the purchase of travel insurance.  It costs only a few dollars a day, but has the potential of saving you tens of thousands, if not more.  It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of making sure that you “Don’t leave the country without it,” because “Accidents happen!”

One of our tsunami-relief teams in Japan required the use of the coverage that we purchased for the team prior to sending them.  A good bit of expense was mitigated because our team was covered.  Be sure that you are, too.

If you’re still not clear why you need this coverage, I encourage you to read the following article: There Are Only 4 CT Scanners in Haiti …

I have used Insurance Services of America for some teams we’ve sent, although there are many good companies that you could use.

Learn more about why you need International Travel Medical Insurance.

Whatever you do, “Don’t leave the country without it!”


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