Uganda Mission

Quick Facts

  • Trip Status: Open to individuals
  • Date: Year Round Opportunities for a month or more
  • Contact: OPC Uganda Mission (OPUM)
  • Trip Costs: Travel
While foreign travel is still not advisable for groups due to the many possible complications COVID presents, individual volunteers who are able to come alongside our missionaries in their labors in Uganda are welcome, particularly those who can come for a month or more.

Here are just some ways that individuals might be able to serve the mission:

  • One to oversee the farm project
  • Those willing to participate in facility maintenance
  • Those willing to participate in the care and teaching of missionary children

If you would like to be considered for service, please apply here:

Learn More:

Click here to find photos and testimonials from those who have served short-term in Uganda.

Visit OPUM’s website at for many important details.

Handbook: Living requirements for Karamoja are unique, and you will find an extensive and carefully detailed visitor’s handbook (Karamoja Handbook) on the website, a must-read for anyone interested in serving in this remote region of the world. In the Handbook, you’ll find information about the work of the Karamoja station, the application process (including visas, insurance and vaccinations), what to pack, rules for community living, local standards of conduct, and even critters and varmints!

If you are in good health and prepared to stay for at least 3 weeks of service, visit the OPUM website to learn more! Our missionaries in Uganda love the fellowship and help of short-term visitors. With advance knowledge of you and your skill set, they will determine how best to put your gifts to work to advance the goals of the mission. Whether in Karamoja or Mbale, you will learn an immense amount about the local people and culture, as well as the labors of our missionaries there.


Video: OP Uganda Mission


OPUM invites you to come and serve, learn, and assist in the active ministry of word and deed carried out daily in Uganda. Short-term visitors are welcome year-round! 

Click here for an application form.


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