Summer 2019: Ministry Teams at the Boardwalk Chapel

Quick Facts

  • Trip Status: Open
  • Date: Summer 2019: Four Teams Still Needed
  • Contact: Elizabeth Horst at
  • Trip Costs: At least $2,000-$2,500
Updated March 20, 2019

Ministry Team Openings:

  • Week One: June 22-29, OPEN for a smaller group to join another church group
  • Week Six: July 27 to August 3, OPEN!
  • Week Seven: August 3-10, OPEN for a smaller group to join another church group
  • Week Ten: August 24-31, OPEN!

From a couple of Ministry Team Leaders:

“I arrived at the chapel with thirteen mice, and a week later I left with thirteen lions.  The Boardwalk Chapel is at the same time a safe house for fellowship, and a bootcamp for zeal; a haven of prayer and a hive of song.  It is all these things and more because the Lord has so obviously been pleased to use it.”

“I see this as a great opportunity for church members of all ages to be trained in evangelism and grow in boldly speaking of Christ. Team members return home with a greater enthusiasm to practice evangelism in their community.”

From a few Ministry Team members:

“The fellowship with the Chapel staff in prayer is truly amazing, and I was motivated to seek out opportunities to have that kind of fellowship with the believers in my life.”

“I loved fellowshipping with the teens and witnessing their many talents in the service of Christ.”

“I particularly enjoyed observing the different approaches that other team members and the chapel staff took to engage in discussion—I marvel at the gifts and knowledge that God has given individuals to spread His gospel.”

From the Boardwalk Chapel:

How are you obeying God’s command to proclaim the Good News of Jesus to all the world? Do you ever find yourself hesitating from lack of knowledge, lack of opportunity, or lack of commitment? We are truly grateful for the ministry teams (aka, church groups) that have come to the Chapel over the years to assist our staff in the Lord’s work! 

  • Receive practical training on evangelism and apologetics
  • Work alongside faithful believers who will challenge your faith and stir you up to love and good works all summer long
  • Assist with nightly programs where staff, churches, and volunteer musicians use their gifts and talents to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and lonely world
  • Interact daily with people from all corners of the world—from Canada to Asia, from Northern Europe to the Middle East, and everywhere in between!
  • Return home with a renewed understanding of how to be a witness of Jesus to your neighbors and friends

Details and Application Form:

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Rev. James Zozzaro, Director
Elizabeth Horst, Admin Assistant

Facebook: Boardwalk Chapel


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