DISASTER RESPONSE: Hurricane Relief Volunteers Needed in Puerto Rico

Quick Facts

  • Trip Status: Open
  • Date: October-December 2018; one-week stints
  • Contact: MariaVolunteers@opc.org
  • Trip Costs: OPC Disaster Response will partially cover travel to and from Puerto Rico and additional expenses
August 18, 2018

We are looking for people to serve as hurricane relief volunteers in Puerto Rico!

Here is a link to updates we’ve posted on Puerto Rico over the past year. We have been limited in our ability to do hurricane relief work in Puerto Rico since last fall’s Hurricane Maria, mostly due to the long-term loss of power, electricity, water, internet, etc., that complicated the lives of the people there following the hurricane. Ways in which we could come in and help were not readily apparent at that time, but now that power is restored, we are able to focus on damaged homes and other projects that we can work on.

Teams to Puerto Rico:

  • Individuals or teams are encouraged to let us know of their interest in serving.
  • A team of 4-8 is best for lodging purposes.
  • You don’t have to fill an entire team. If you have a team of less than 8 people, we could combine you with a team from another church.
  • Team members must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Service will include:
    • manual labor requiring varying degrees of skill
    • team members who can support and serve the skilled team
    • and perhaps helping the OPC churches in Puerto Rico with community outreach.
  • OPC Disaster Response will be partially covering expenses.


  • We are planning to send teams in October, November, and December, and into the new year
  • We would like to work with your availability, so let us know if there are dates that are particularly good for you or your team to go to Puerto Rico this fall.

Even a small team can be a big help and a big encouragement!

Click here to read about the team of four that traveled to Puerto Rico for a short time in May. Their service was greatly appreciated by our OPC families in Puerto Rico, and the visit was enjoyed by all.


Let us know of your interest and availability to serve at MariaVolunteers@opc.org

Photo: Damage from Hurricane Maria is still very much in evidence in Puerto Rico.



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