Disaster Response: Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Team

Quick Facts

  • Trip Status: Openings for 10-12 team members
  • Date: May 5-12, 2018
  • Contact: Rob Brinks at rob@rms.org
  • Trip Costs: Travel to and from Puerto Rico; $250 towards other expenses

David Nakhla, OPC Disaster Response Coordinator, and Rob Brinks, Administrative Director of Reformed Mission Services, recently visited Puerto Rico and assessed the needs that could be met by disaster relief teams. Because the restoration of infrastructure (power, cell, internet, water, etc.) by local authorities took many months, many homeowners’ damage still needs to be addressed even six months after Hurricane Maria struck the island in 2017.

Disaster Response Team:

Rob Brinks of Reformed Mission Services is organizing a disaster response team of OPC and other reformed church volunteers to travel to Puerto Rico in May to work on the homes of members of the OPC churches in San Juan.


  • May 5 to 12, 2018

Team Size:

  • The team will consist of 10-12 people


  1. Travel back and forth to Puerto Rico.
  2. RMS would like you to pay a minimum of $250.00 (USD) for food, local transportation, and an administration fee.
    • This administration fee covers the cost of a t-shirt, background check, and RMS liability insurance.
    • Anything above and beyond your $250.00 will be a donation to the OPC Hurricane Maria Disaster Response Fund for work to be done in Puerto Rico.

The Work:

The team will be making repairs to homes that suffered water and wind damage from Hurricane Maria in September 2017.

  • Both skilled and unskilled volunteers are welcome.
  • Skills that will be needed in a couple of the volunteers are
    • Welding
    • Masonry
    • Metal Roofing.
  • Other jobs:
    • Power washing and re-coating cement roofs to keep the water out.
    • Helping residents with painting where there was water damage

Application Form:

  • Click here to complete the RMS Application Form


Rob Brinks
Administrative Director
Reformed Mission Services