DISASTER RESPONSE: Hurricane Relief Volunteers Needed in Houston

Quick Facts

  • Trip Status: Open
  • Date: Starting October 1st. One week stints.
  • Contact: HarveyVolunteers@opc.org
  • Trip Costs: Transportation to and from Houston; meals. Lodging is provided.
The summer hiatus of the Houston Hurricane Relief Ministry will end on September 30th.

Individuals and teams – especially those skilled in construction – are needed starting October 1st. The majority of the work taking place will be reconstruction, and many of these tasks require specialized skills.

There have been 284 volunteers to date. These volunteers represent 102 individual church congregations, including 38 OPC congregations and 11 URCNA congregations.

August 2018: From Steve Larson, Regional Disaster Response Coordinator in Houston

We give thanks to God for the work that he has allowed us to do so far in the Houston area to contribute to the Hurricane Harvey recovery effort. The impact of Hurricane Harvey on the lives of millions of people and thousands of businesses is still being profoundly felt and experienced, and has afforded the OPC an opportunity to step in and help people at a very basic level, both physically and spiritually. These opportunities define what we mean when we use the phrase, “being the hands and feet of Christ.”


We have been so blessed and encouraged by the many volunteers who have sacrificially given of their time by devoting days or even weeks to working in the heat and humidity of Houston to help victims of Hurricane Harvey recovery from this catastrophe in their lives. We praise the Lord for the churches that have also stepped in and worked with us shoulder to shoulder, including sister churches and fellow members of NAPARC (North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council). And we are thankful for all of the individuals and members of other Christian churches and parachurch groups who have joined us in this work.  It has been a true testament to the unity of the body and a single-minded purpose to share in the kingdom work of Jesus Christ together.

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Click here to learn more about the hurricane relief ministry in Houston that began last summer with Hurricane Harvey.


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