English Cafe in Quebec City

Quick Facts

  • Trip Status: Open
  • Date: Year-Round
  • Contact: Ben Westerveld at [email protected]
  • Trip Costs: $200 fee per group, plus transportation, lodging, and meals.
**(Travel restrictions may apply during the pandemic. Be sure to contact Pastor Westerveld with any questions.)**

St-Marc’s Reformed Church in Québec City, where OP Missionary Ben Westerveld is the Pastor, welcomes your church group to come to Quebec and do friendship evangelism by hosting a “Café Anglais” (English Café). This opportunity includes reaching out to French-speaking citizens in public venues and a university campus.  Combine your mission with tourism and skiing in beautiful Quebec City!

Only three percent of the population of Québec City are anglophones whose mother tongue is English. Many francophones, whose mother tongue is French, welcome any opportunity to practice the bit of English they know with friendly anglophones!

Participation in this mission project involves:

  • Setting up one to three tables for the English Café in a local coffee shop.
  • Through newspaper ads, posters, or verbal invites, you will invite passers-by to stop, buy a coffee, and sit down and begin chatting in English.
  • Begin by talking about simple topics. You’ll want to speak slowly and clearly, and avoid using conjunctions (can’t, don’t, gonna, gotta, etc.).
  • As opportunities arise, you can share openly about the Reformed church and the gospel, and give your personal testimony. The Reformed church is almost unheard of in Quebec.
  • You can also offer the business card of Pastor Ben Westerveld so that the visitor leaves with basic information about St-Marc’s.
  • Members of St-Marc’s will help take care of follow-up if the person shows further interest.

Requirements to Participate in the English Café:

  • A love for the Lord and for those who are still strangers to the Kingdom of God.
  • Member of an OPC congregation or a sister denomination. (Please submit a letter of reference from your pastor or an elder of your session.)
  • 18 years and older. Since the target group is mature adults, we require young adult and adult participants who are mature, sensitive to cultural differences, and able to give a clear gospel witness. Lord willing, we will develop another project for teen and young people participants.
  • At ease giving a Christian testimony and/or some experience in one-on-one evangelism.
  • Ideally, a group of 3–8 individuals.

Time Frame:

  • Consider coming during an American holiday: Thanksgiving Day weekend, a part of Christmas/New Year’s break, during a January session off from college, or spring break.


Travel to and from Québec City:

  • Québec City is located 3 hours northeast of Montréal, 12 hours northeast of Detroit, 12 hours north of New York City.

Lodging in Québec City:

  • Unfortunately we do not have the facilities necessary nor a sufficient number of church families to host a mission group.  There are many housing options in Québec City, including student residences (Laval University, for example), various hotels, and campgrounds.

Transportation while staying in Québec City:

  • If you have a car or van, it would be most convenient. However, city buses do connect Laval University and locations for many cafés (cost: $3.00 per bus ticket).

Food costs:

  • Laval University has common kitchens so that you can cook your own meals; there are also many restaurants in the area (estimated cost of a meal: $10–15).

Advertising the English Café:

  • We ask that each group contribute $200 per group to help cover the cost of advertising (newspapers, flyers, etc.).

Please note that all costs are estimates and given in Canadian funds.

Application Form:

All participants must complete our printable Quebec Mission Application Form.


For more information or to organize a group, please contact:

Rev. Ben Westerveld
Pastor, St-Marc’s Reformed Church
Phone 418-659-7943
[email protected]



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