Cross Cultural Missions Training

Quick Facts

  • Trip Status: Only a few more slots available. Apply now!
  • Date: May 18 - June 16, 2024
  • Contact: [email protected] with any questions!
  • Trip Costs: $600 USD ($750.00 CAD) plus the cost of flights to Mexico. A $200 deposit is required once application is accepted (refundable until April 1st).

Do you desire to serve the Lord globally?

Many young people in our Reformed churches finish college, and even seminary, with a desire to serve the Lord globally, but have little understanding of the actual context and skill set. Some of the questions they have are: “Is the Lord calling me to serve in missions? How do I get there? How can I test the waters?”

The Cross-Cultural Missions Training (CCMT) program is an opportunity to explore the principles and practice of foreign missions through hands-on experience and intensive study.  During the month-long CCMT program, seasoned missionaries and pastors will train in culture, language, and Bible teaching, both in a classroom setting and then on the field.  Participants will finish with a clear view of how the Lord can use them in the work of making disciples of all nations, whether at home or in a foreign setting.

This training will consist of four sections, roughly corresponding to the four weeks of the training:

  1. Bootcamp: The first week will be an intensive time focused on cross-cultural education, language and Bible training.  All participants will stay, study and learn together.  This will be led by experienced missionaries on the field.
  2. Cultural Immersion: The second week, participants will have opportunity to live with a Hispanic Christian family in a local mission setting.  They will continue in language and Bible training during morning sessions and focus on practicing language skills in the afternoons.  Leadership training also be given, as well as preparing materials needed for field work.
  3. Field Training: In the final two weeks, participants will be sent to different Latin countries to work alongside missionaries and pastors.  They will have opportunity to assist the local church in evangelism and mission.  Individuals will be matched with specific mission works according to their abilities.
  4. Debrief: The final three days the group will come together again to share their experiences, to debrief, and to prepare for taking their experience forward.

The program will take place May 18 – June 16, 2024 and will be based in Tepic, Mexico, where URCNA missionary Matt Van Dyken is presently serving. The program is open to post-secondary young people aged 18+, and young married couples who desire to serve the Lord in missions. Please visit to learn more and fill out the application.


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