Churches Helping Churches

Quick Facts

  • Trip Status: Summer 2024
  • Date: One, two, three decide!
  • Contact: This opportunity is open to churches and presbyteries
  • Trip Costs: Varies & Suited to Need
It’s a great time to maybe think outside the box, or should we say, inside the country, for your next short-term missions opportunity! Are you looking to find a service project for your youth group or other group in your church? Are you open to helping another church with their Vacation Bible School, maintenance project or some other creative idea? We could pair your group up with a church that could use some help, but doesn’t have the volunteer resources. Let’s work together to lift one another up!

Email us at [email protected] to let us know if your church would like to get help from another church or if you would like to offer your assistance to another church, and we’ll do our best to connect your church with another and meet both needs!


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