Hurricane Harvey Volunteer Application and FAQs

Hurricane Harvey Volunteer Application and FAQs

Houston 2017

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to fill out the volunteer application?

Yes. It provides us with vital information about you and your availability to come to Houston.

What should I expect after I submit my volunteer application?

After your application is submitted, you will receive an email. Then we will begin to coordinate your availability and your skills with the needs of the work projects.

When should I come to Houston?

You let us know the dates you are available to come.

How long would I stay in Houston?

It is up to you how long you would like to stay.

Am I responsible for paying for my own transportation to & from Houston?

Yes. Many volunteers are being helped financially by their church or relatives/friends.

Am I responsible for paying for my food while in Houston?

Yes. Most of the food will be “on the road” as you travel to and from work locations. There are periodic meals provided by families, usually on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

Am I responsible to find my own housing while in Houston?

No. We provide housing for you, if you indicate on the application that you need it.

Will I need to provide my own transportation while in Houston?

Not necessarily, but it is helpful. If you need help with transportation we can provide it.

How can I join a group coming to Houston from my area?

At this point, we are asking individuals to speak with their church or group leaders to see if others are interested in joining you.

Application Form:

Click here to complete the Harvey Volunteer Application Form.


Gloria Davis
Harvey Volunteer and Hospitality Coordinator