Disaster Response Resources

Disaster Response Resources

Congregational Disaster Preparedness Guide (printable PDF)  helps congregations take some basic and important steps toward resiliency and intentionality in response to disaster so that they will be better able to serve their communities when disasters strike.

FEMA Guide for Developing an Emergency Operations Plan outlines how houses of worship can take steps to plan for potential emergencies (violent acts, fires, disasters, etc.) through the creation of an Emergency Operations Plan.

Emergency Preparedness for People Who Use Assistive Technology offers guidelines for people who use assistive technology such as a wheelchair, ventilator, hearing aids, etc.

Tips for Preparing for an Insurance Claim includes advice on properly documenting damages incurred during a disaster.

Radio Interview:

Showing Christ's Love in Relief Work is a recording of Jon Shishko's radio interview with David Nakhla following the hurricanes of 2017.