Can Your Church Use a Team?

Updated March 2019

A team from Trinity OPC (Hatboro, PA) served at San Antonio Reformed OPC (San Antonio, TX)


OP churches are challenged to consider creating a short-term missions opportunity!

Is there a local outreach event (such as a VBS), community service project, church ministry program, or facility improvement scheme, that you could take on if you had the help of a team from another church or presbytery?

We are told to use our gifts in serving one another (1 Peter 4:10). If you request a team to help out at your church, you will be creating an opportunity for those who desire to give of their time and gifts in short-term service.

Churches Helping Churches:

When churches make their needs known, and individuals or groups from other churches respond to the call, the collaboration results in thanksgiving for an accomplishment enjoyed by both the team participants and the recipients of the help!

How To Request a Team:

Click HERE to complete a form to "Request a Team to Help Your Church" and we will create a post at, at Facebook, and in the monthly S.T.O.R.M. Report, to help you find a team.


David Nakhla
OPC Short-Term Missions and Disaster Response Coordinator
Trish Duggan
Administrative Assistant, OPC Short-Term Missions and Disaster Response
[email protected]



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