A Time of Spiritual Growth in the Ugandan Wilderness: Missionary Associate Jed Homan

Some have likened Karamoja to the “Wild West” or referred to it as the “Ugandan Wilderness.” In this region there is a great need for the light of the Gospel to shine forth in the area’s culture and in the hearts of its people. Situated in the middle of it all is the OPC Karamoja Mission Station. The OPC Mission Station in Karamoja, Uganda has been in operation, ministering to the locals since 2000. As would be expected, living in a wilderness is not easy—not on missionaries and certainly not on the equipment and systems they depend on every day. Between constant exposure to the elements and somewhat primitive living situations, there aren’t many luxuries on the mission. But what the missionaries do have, they are careful stewards of. That is why someone like Jed Homan is and was such a blessing to those on the field! From repairing kitchen appliances and ensuring the mission had clean water to making auto repair calls and improving the Mission’s solar grid (not to mention constructing a medical waste incinerator for the ‘Compassion of Jesus’ Clinic run by the Mission), he was able to make the most of the supplies, materials, and resources available.

Jed Homan, OPC Uganda Mission missionary associate, returned home on March 1, 2023 following his six-month term in Uganda. During his time in Uganda, Homan worked to repair and improve mission equipment/vehicles, water and solar systems, and met other maintenance needs. He was an eagerly welcomed visitor to the mission, as the missionaries on the ground were thankful for his timely assistance and aptitude for fixing just about anything. Jed returned grateful for the experience and thankful for the opportunity to serve. He says, “Though some days and some tasks were challenging at times, overall it was a time of spiritual growth for me.”

In sum, Jed expressed what a privilege it was to be able to serve the Mission in a way that both met their needs and suited his abilities. He says, “I’m so thankful to have met, fellowshipped with, and worshipped with some of our missionaries abroad, to have the opportunity to help with the upkeep of the Mission facilities, and to even be a new face around the mission for a little while. I hope I was able to be an encouragement and make their work on the field a bit easier.”

If you are interested in serving as a missionary associate at the Uganda mission in a similar capacity, please visit OPCSTM.org, or contact Douglas Clawson.


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