This past summer was Athan’s first time coming to the Chapel with his youth group. One of his favorite aspects of the Chapel was being able to take part in the programs. For those who don’t know, the Boardwalk Chapel’s nightly programs run for an hour and a half, involving evangelistic music, skits, and word segments. Athan said that he really enjoyed being able to sing with his youth group. “It’s really special how the staff and the youth group can use their gifts through music to proclaim the Gospel.”

Each night, many people walk by the Chapel during the programs. With so many people constantly walking by, Athan was able to connect with many of them. He thought that this public setting on the boardwalk was amazing, making this a very purposeful mission. With so many people walking by and the Gospel constantly being proclaimed, he was in awe by how many people were able to witness the staff and youth groupers give glory to God every night. 

Prior to coming to the Chapel, Athan was in the habit of going to church every Sunday and attending a weekly Bible study. This week at the Chapel was a week fully devoted to the ministry and to serving God. Due to this, he experienced a revitalization in his spiritual life. Athan is motivated to go back and not get into the routine of simply going to church every Sunday, but be more purposeful and enthusiastic in his spiritual life. Athan is driven to go out of his way to find places to evangelize and be a light in the darkness, just like Jesus calls us to be!

During this week, the Lord also grew him in the area of self-sacrifice. Living in tight quarters with people for a week is not easy, so Athan was able to learn how to love people who are different from him. The importance of dying to self and loving his neighbors was something that was reiterated to him everyday. Athan is so thankful for the Chapel and all the work that the staff does to make it possible for youth groups to come and serve. He is so excited to see what the Lord will do through the ministry as it, Lord willing, continues to serve for years! On top of this, Athan is quite excited to be able to return with his group next year.


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