English for Kids 2019: At the Heart of Mission Work

by Ben Allison, Staunton OPC, Staunton, VA (September 2019)

Ben Allison at English for Kids

This was my second year volunteering at the English For Kids Bible Camp in Quebec City, Quebec. I was part of the team that led Week One of three weeks of camp. My role on the team was an Outdoor Recreation assistant.  

Two things stuck out to me this year. First, the patience that the Holy Spirit gave the members of the team during the whole week. Some of the kids are very difficult, (especially during class time), and it can be very hard not to lash out in anger at the troublemakers. That was not the case at English For Kids. All of the teachers and assistants were firm but loving in their dealings with the more rowdy children. I am sure that the love of Christ was shown to the kids through the team.

Second were the personal interactions with the kids. As this was my second year, many of the faces were familiar, and it was great to get to reconnect with the kids! They genuinely enjoy the camp and look forward to seeing you each day. And sometimes all it takes is a game of catch or tag on the playground to get a conversation going, and then you've started a relationship which just may be the tool God uses in giving the Gospel message! We even had one girl this year who, after growing close to one of our team members, asked if she could take a Bible home! These kinds of interactions are at the heart of mission work, and make the whole trip worth it.

I think that this short-term mission opportunity is perfect for anyone who loves kids and is willing to give 100 percent to spread God's word and "make disciples of all nations." I know that I've grown in my walk with God because of English for Kids!


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