Team Praha 2019: Photos and Reports from the Field

August 2019

This year's Team Praha served with missionaries Marilyn and Jerry Farnik in the Czech Republic from July 22 through August 12, including time spent in Prague ("Praha"). The team leader was Rev. John Shaw, the General Secretary of the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension.

Team Praha 2019 in front of the famous Jan Hus memorial in Prague


July 28 report from the field:

We had a great week at the biblical counseling conference, with more than 140 in attendance. While George Scipione, with his wife Eileen, taught the adults, our team led a VBS with their children. We fit the normal 5 day program into 2.5 busy days. Built good relationships with children and parents while teaching about the gift of faith in Jesus.

This week, we will be on a hiking trip with about 15 youth. Each day, we will spend time hiking, talking, and building relationships with these young Czechs, with the goal of telling them about the most important thing, our Savior. Pastor Shaw will share messages from Ephesians in the evening.

We appreciate your prayers regarding our safety, fellowship, and witness.

August 9 report from the field:

Team Praha is wrapping up it’s three weeks of work. Today was the last day of the VBS in Prague, with a presentation for parents in the evening. Pray that whole families would be receptive to the gospel and that many would come for worship on Sunday, as Team Leader Rev. John Shaw preaches again from John 11.


A VBS was held for children while their parents attended the Biblical Counseling conference led by George Scipione in the Krkonoše mountains

Children gaze at the beautiful views in the Krkonoše mountains, known as "Czech Switzerland."

A second VBS was held for children in Prague. Here, Team Leader John Shaw addresses the students.

Martyr Jan Hus was burned at the stake in Prague. Inscription reads: "For the Truth"


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