Menominee Missions 2019: Photos and Testimonials

July 2019

Menominee Missions 2019

Saesos Ketapanaw

From his fullness we have all received grace upon grace. John 1:16


Team Members:

  • Lydia Dyk, Apple Valley OPC, Neenah, Wisconsin
  • Lydia Fudge, Apple Valley OPC, Neenah, Wisconsin
  • Anne Lehan, Bethel OPC, Wheaton, Illinois
  • Helen Matthews, Apple Valley OPC, Neenah, Wisconsin
  • Owen Meadows, Bethel OPC, Wheaton, Illinois
  • Andy Mittlestaedt, Bethel OPC, Wheaton, Illinois
  • Christopher Robison, New Covenant OPC, Joliet, Illinois
  • Craig Robison, New Covenant OPC, Joliet, Illinois
  • Maggie Troxel, Bethel OPC, Wheaton, Illinois
  • Una Vander Waal, Apple Valley OPC, Neenah, Wisconsin
  • Elsi Vander Waal, Apple Valley OPC, Neenah, Wisconsin


by Elsi Vander Waal, Apple Valley OPC (Neenah, WI)

Menominee Missions is an interesting and exciting experience. It is so nice to see the children's happiness as we play with them at the park and show them the love that we have for them. It is most eye opening to see how they live and how much they trust us. It is so fun to see the same kids from previous years and meet new ones. It is also nice to meet and get to know the team members and the members of the Zoar church. Even though Menominee Missions can be hard, challenging, and at times confusing, I hope that God will use it to help bring these kids to know Christ as their Lord.

by Lydia Dyk, Apple Valley OPC (Neenah, WI)

Menominee Missions was the first missions trip that I have ever been on. I had no idea what to expect, but I wanted to help spread the gospel on the Menominee Reservation. The trip turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the whole year. I loved helping with the VBS and sharing Jesus with the children. During the trip, I learned how to share Christ with the children through asking them questions and talking with them as we played. Working with the children was no small task, and I appreciated all the hard work everyone put in and their willing attitudes to help wherever they were needed. I learned a lot from watching others on the team interact with and respond to the children. Having fellowship with the team members was also one of my favorite parts of the trip. I definitely want to go on this trip as many times as I can in the future.

by Andy Mittlestaedt, Bethel OPC (Wheaton, IL)

Menominee Missions 2019 continued to build upon decades of ministry to the Menominee Nation. This year’s team was composed of 14 individuals who clearly love to serve God, but it was more evident that each and every team member also loves our God and Father. It was a true blessing to be surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses for a whole week and to serve alongside them.

The week’s outreach activities included a VBS at a park on the Indian reservation during the day and a VBS at Menominee OPC in the evenings. Many children and some adults heard the Gospel shared through Bible lessons, singing, skits, and conversations. The Lord blessed our trip with safety, good fellowship, and many children who attended the VBS events. Please be in prayer for the Menominee people who – like us all – need Jesus as their Savior. Also be in prayer for Menominee OPC in Zoar, and its pastor Micah Shin.

Menominee Missions 2019: Richly Worth the Effort

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