English for Kids 2019: Week Two in Quebec City

July 10, 2019

Final Program: English for Kids Bible Camp Week Two in Quebec City


July 3 From the "Pray for Quebec" newsletter of OP missionary Ben Westerveld:

Wow! We are already at day 3 of our second week of English for Kids in Quebec City. Last week, I filled in as director of the camp, a role that usually falls to our Missionary Associate. I was exhausted. Hats off to all our previous MAs who did three weeks in a row!

The first week of our English immersion Bible camp went very well. The kids sang a resounding "Praise the Lord with the sound of trumpets!" I used this song to explain to the parents at the Friday evening BBQ how children of God not only believe in him but also praise and thank him as their Lord. May whole families be converted and join us in the praise of his glorious name!

Our second week team hails from the hamlet of Sheffield, Ontario. For a second year, Zion United Reformed Church has sent a full, enthusiastic team. For the first time in fourteen years, the majority of the team are young Christian men! What a blessing for the boys at our camp to be mentored by men of God!

The theme is "The Incredible Race," beginning with the Creation of the human race, and then God's redemption of people from every race. May the kids and their families join this race of God's people!

July 10 From Team Leader Lindsay Bos:

It was truly a blessing to be able to serve in Quebec this year at St. Marc's Reformed Church!

It is incredible to see how the Lord is using his people in Quebec to bear witness to His name in the community there. Our team really enjoyed spending time with the kids - teaching them English and sharing the gospel message with them!

It is our prayer that the Lord will work in the hearts of the children and their parents, that they too might come to confess Him as their Lord and Saviour.





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