Haiti 2019: Haiti “Minute Men” Update

by Rev. Ben Hopp, OP Missionary to Haiti (May 2019)


The OPC Haiti Mission is very thankful for our "Haiti Minute Men!"

Don DeTroye (Bethel OPC, Oostburg, WI) and Jim Smies (Calvary OPC, Cedar Grove, WI) have traveled to Haiti once or twice a year over the last couple of years to complete urgent maintenance tasks at the both the Kaliko Mission Home and on the island of La Gonâve. Our family has forged a sweet friendship with these men and are so thankful for their commitment to us and willingness to take time out of their busy schedules to work in Haiti.

In May 2019, Don and Jim traveled with me to La Gonâve to complete a tire change on the Mule. This is no NASCAR quick tire change, as the kevlar-reinforced tires are very stiff. We were also grateful for some help received from Haitian brothers and the facilities at West Indies Self Help (WISH) where the Mule is stored. The new tires allowed us to travel the very rough roads to the churches at Doglace and Nan Mangot on Sunday.

At the Kaliko Mission Home, they completed some generator repairs, and also made preparations for a roofing team they will bring here in the fall. Don and Jim put soffits and fascia on the front part of the house. The shingling and remainder of the soffits will be completed by the team of professionals they will bring in the fall.

Thank you, men!



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