Uruguay 2019: Summer English Club (in February!)

by Rev. Mark Richline, OP Missionary to Uruguay (February 2019)



We are praising the Lord for using our 2019 Summer English Club to share the gospel with our Uruguayan friends, February 12-15, 2019 (February is summer below the equator!). Throughout the week a total of 15 children and 13 adults attended English classes, encountered Jesus in our relationships with them, and heard the gospel message delivered by our missionaries as well as two men who are potential church leaders.

A very special thanks goes to our staff consisting of church members, our Missionary Associates, the Richline teens, and short-term missionaries Peter and Martha Bacon from Merrimack Valley OPC (North Andover, MA), who taught our adult classes.

One particular highlight was listening to a young Christian woman from another church as she shared her faith in Christ with another young woman who was attending.  We pray for the Lord to bear lasting fruit from these efforts while plans are already underway for our Winter English Club in July!



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