Churches Helping Churches 2019: Wisconsin Volunteers Install Key West Flooring

by Andy Wieberdink, Calvary OPC, Cedar Grove, WI (February 1, 2019



Andy and Beth Wieberdink of Calvary OPC (Cedar Grove, WI) were the ones who responded to the long-running opportunity posted at this website and in the S.T.O.R.M. Report for experienced volunteers to install new laminate flooring at the Keys OPC/Keys Evangelistic Ministries facility in Key West, Florida. Among other things, this facility provides lodging for teams of up to 12 people that come to Key West to receive evangelism training from Pastor Bill Welzien.

Andy and Beth reported:

We had a great time with the project. It was a push to get it all done in the time we had, but with Key West OPC elder Tim Bartimaeus' help it went pretty well. I want to thank Keys Evangelistic Ministries board member Bob Keys for all of his good communication and organization ahead of time. We had everything we needed.


We enjoyed staying in the church and visiting with Tim who lives there. Thankful we had some time on Saturday afternoon to enjoy the sun and Key West.


So happy to be able to serve the Lord in this way. Let us know of future projects!

Churches Helping Churches:

If your church needs help with a particular project, please consider contacting OPC Short-Term Missions to request a team. You never know ..... there are likely some folks out there seeking an opportunity to serve!  Let us help you advertise the need and find volunteers to help you!


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