Hurricane Florence Relief: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Updated November 7, 2018


Hurricane Florence Relief in North Carolina: Team from Michigan with homeowner (2nd from right)


Hurricane Florence Relief FAQ's:


Do I need to fill out the volunteer application?

  • Yes, every volunteer needs to fill out an application.
  • The application provides us with vital information about you and your availability to come to New Bern or Wilmington, NC.


What should I expect after I submit my volunteer application?

  • After your application is submitted, you will receive an email.
  • Then we will begin to coordinate your availability and your skills with the needs of the work projects.


Is there a waiver that I must sign?

  • Yes, every volunteer must sign a waiver. Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent sign the waiver and also the group leader must sign as a witness to the parent signature.


Is there a minimum age to be a volunteer?

  • Yes, we require the volunteer to be 14 years of age or older.


May I bring my younger children with me?

  • Yes, but children under the age of 14 will not be allowed on the work site for safety reasons.


What is the adult to teen ratio for youth groups that would like to volunteer?

  • We require 1 adult for every 4 teens.


What size groups may we bring?

  • The total size for groups is 25.
  • This includes everyone; every volunteer (adults & teens) and includes any under age children.


I am not able to volunteer. Can I donate money?

  • Yes. OPC Disaster Response is supported only by designated gifts, and contributions are tax-deductible.
  • Click here to donate.


When should I come to New Bern or Wilmington, NC?

  • You let us know the dates you are available to come.
  • We will let you know if there is work specific to the skills that you have during that time frame.


How long would I stay in New Bern or Wilmington, NC?

  • It is recommended that you plan on at least 3 days of work in New Bern or Wilmington


Am I responsible for paying for my own transportation to and from New Bern or Wilmington, NC?

  • Yes. Many volunteers are being helped financially by their church or by relatives and friends.


Am I responsible for paying for my food while in New Bern or Wilmington, NC?

  • Yes. Most of the food will be “on the road” as you travel to and from work locations.
  • There are many restaurants in the area, and most of them have reopened now following the hurricane
  • Often volunteers pack a lunch to bring to the work site.
  • There may be periodic meals provided by families or church members.


Am I responsible to find my own housing while in New Bern or Wilmington, NC?

  • We can likely provide housing for you, if you indicate on the application that you need it.
  • Volunteers may need to bring their own cot or air mattress, if possible, in some instances


Will I need to provide my own transportation while in New Bern or Wilmington, NC?

  • Yes.
  • We recommend you have a reliable GPS system. Paper maps or written directions may not be reliable at this time due to flooding, etc.


How far will I have to travel while I am serving in New Bern or Wilmington, NC?

  • It depends on when you come and what houses we are working on at the time.
  • Driving time from site to site could be anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes.


How can I join a group coming to New Bern or Wilmington, NC, from my area?

  • At this point, we are asking individuals to speak with their church or group leaders to see if others are interested in joining you.
  • If not, we may be able to connect you with another group.


What kind of work will I be doing with the OPC Disaster Response in New Bern or Wilmington, NC?

  • The main thing to remember is, in whatever way you may serve, you have to be flexible.
  • Sometimes the planned work changes from one day to the next ... at other times it could change in the middle of the day (this doesn't happen very often).
  • By remaining open to the possibility of change or open to something new, you allow yourself to be more of a blessing and instrument for God's work.
  • Here is a list of things you may be doing: listening to people’s stories, washing windows, raking yards, gutting homes, cleaning homes, inviting people to church, painting, drywall, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, chainsaws, canvassing neighborhoods, picking up garbage, cleaning toilets, VBS, providing transportation to other volunteers, making meals for volunteers or for families affected by the hurricane.


Should I bring my tools?

  • The Site Coordinator can discuss this with you by email or phone when your service dates have been confirmed.


Who will OPC Disaster Response help?

  • OPC Disaster Response will help OPC members affected by the disaster.
  • But, as a mercy ministry, we will also reach out to the surrounding communities affected by the disaster, to plant seeds for the Kingdom of God and to minister to all kinds of people in need.


Will I be able to share my faith in Christ?

  • As representatives of OPC Disaster Response, we desire to help the victims of a disaster with both their physical and spiritual needs.
  • After all, the primary objective of any mercy ministry is to plant seeds for the Kingdom of God.



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