Everyone Served Willingly and Joyfully


by Micah Sterrett, Frankin Square OPC, Franklin Square, NY (September 2018)

Micah Sterrett in Haiti

One thing that really stuck out to me about this trip was the way everyone served so willingly and joyfully.

We would go to VBS in the mornings and serve by spending time with the kids, preparing snacks for them, helping them play games, and teaching them God's word. Then we would come home in the afternoon and serve by doing jobs around the mission compound, such as painting, and also by helping Mrs. Hopp in the kitchen.

Throughout all this no one dragged their feet or complained. People were so willing to help, even volunteering to help when it wasn't their turn, and they did it all in such a joyful manner that it was just amazing to be around. The service was not just restricted to the team either, the Hopps all served us in so many ways from cooking meals for us and caring for our personal needs to watching out for our safety as we traveled around. I really struggle with having the heart of a servant and so for me to be in this environment was a great encouragement and inspiration.

A second thing I noticed was the wonderful fellowship that we were able to enjoy while on the trip. The team was gathered from all over the United States and yet as soon as we met in Florida we began to bond and build relationships in the context of serving together in Haiti. The team was comprised of many, very different, members and yet the Lord knit us together into a strong and unified group that was able to serve him effectively. When we got to the island we were able to fellowship with the Hopps as well and we had many wonderful times of singing and looking into God’s word with them.

As I look back on this, I realize that it was only the Lord’s work that enabled us to bond and work together so well. It is amazing how he saves wretched sinners from all over the globe and then unifies them into one body, namely his church, and I felt like I was able to experience a small part of that unity and fellowship while on this trip.

I would encourage all who are considering going on team Haiti to go on the trip. You will enjoy a wonderful time of service and fellowship as well as getting to see what life is like in another country and how God is building his kingdom there.


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