2018 Boardwalk Chapel Ministry Teams: Photos and Testimonials



Each summer, church groups serve for a week at a time as "Ministry Teams" at the Boardwalk Chapel in Wildwood, New Jersey!


How One Church Group Raised Funds to Serve as a Ministry Team:

2018 Ministry Team Fundraiser at Covenant OPC


2018 Ministry Team Testimonials:


A New Kind of Boldness
Lauren Burden
Week 1 Ministry Team
New Hope OPC, Frederick, MD

Last week was my fourth year coming to Wildwood. I’ve learned a lot each year, but last year seemed to be the most impactful on my life. I was saved that year, or as Dr. Krabbendam would put it, I was given a heart transplant. This year may not have been a life changing experience like last year, but I still grew so much in my faith. This year God gave me a new kind of boldness for evangelism. I have been petrified every year I’ve gone to the chapel to walk up to strangers and ask them about God. But this year I think God placed the realization in my heart that it’s not for me. It’s not about how I’m seen, or what others think of me. It’s about being, as Dr. Krabbendam would put it, the irrigation system of the rivers of living water. He talked about gifts. I believe mine might be evangelism.


Soft Hearts to Receive the Gospel
Clara, Abigail, Andrea, Tom, and Jim
Week 2 Ministry Team
Church of the Covenant OPC, Hackettstown, NJ

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The Staff Lived and Breathed and Radiated the Love of Christ
John Groggel (on right in photo)
Week 7 Ministry Team
Matthews OPC, Matthews, NC

This past summer, I had the chance to visit the Boardwalk Chapel for a week-long mission trip with Matthews OPC. When I signed up, all I knew about the trip was that it involved evangelization, songs, skits, and a long car ride! I loved every minute of the trip. Besides what I expected, we received biblical training, spent much time in prayer, and enjoyed sweet Christian fellowship, both amongst our team and with the Boardwalk staff. The staff was amazing; I had never been amongst a group of young people that lived and breathed and radiated the love of Christ like they did. They were passionate for Christ and it was encouraging and inspiring to serve alongside them in Christian fellowship. God blessed our teams with wonderful conversations with people about Christ. I came back feeling blessed, encouraged, and strengthened in my faith.


Safe House ... Boot Camp ... Haven ... Hive
Rev. Justin Rosser
Week 7 Ministry Team
Matthews OPC, Matthews, NC

I arrived at the chapel with thirteen mice, and a week later I left with thirteen lions.  The Boardwalk Chapel is at the same time a safe house for fellowship, and a bootcamp for zeal; a haven of prayer and a hive of song.  It is all these things and more because the Lord has so obviously been pleased to use it.


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2018 Ministry Team Photo Gallery:


2018 Ministry Teams:

Week 1: June 16-23

  • New Hope OPC (Frederick, MD)
  • West-Mont Christian Academy (Pottstown, PA)

Week 2: June 23-30

  • Church of the Covenant OPC (Hackettstown, NJ)
  • Pilgrim OPC (Bangor, ME)

Week 3: June 30-July 7

  • Heritage PCA (Warrenton, VA)

Week 4: July 7-14

  • Chinese Bible Church of Maryland (Rockville, MD)

Week 5: July 14-21

  • Covenant OPC (Orland Park, IL)

Week 6: July 21-28

  • Living Hope OPC (Clarksville, MD)
  • Ketoctin OPC (Purcellville, VA)

Week 7: July 28-August 4

  • Matthews OPC (Matthews, NC)

Week 8: August 4-11

  • Immanuel OPC (Bellmawr, NJ)

Week 9: August 11-18

  • No church signed up for this week in 2018

Week 10: August 18-25

  • No church signed up for this week in 2018

Week 11: August 25-September 1

  • Faith OPC (Elmer, NJ)




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