2018 Summer STM Prayer Calendar


Pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual protection; for a Christ-like attitude toward servanthood; for increased missionary vision; and for boldness in witness for our short-term missionaries. Scroll down for a complete “STM Prayer Guide."

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STM Prayer Calendar:

April 26-June 28: One young woman serves with the OP Uganda Mission

Through June: Hurricane Relief Volunteer Teams serve for a week at a time in Houston

May: Church groups volunteer for Work Weekends at the Boardwalk Chapel to help prepare the buildings for the busy summer months

May-August: Volunteer Summer Staff serve at the Boardwalk Chapel (Evangelism, outreach, music, and drama)

June-August: Church groups serve as Ministry Teams for a week at a time at the Boardwalk Chapel

June 23-July 5: Team Haiti (Leading VBS programs on island of La Gonave)

June 25-29: English for Kids Bible Camp Week 1 in Quebec City

July 1-31: Two young women serve with OP missionaries in Asia, including participating in English House (teaching English in a university classroom, and rooming with students in the “English House” residence)

July 2-5: English Club (Outreach program of the OP Uruguay Mission in Montevideo, Uruguay)

July 2-6: English for Kids Bible Camp Week 2 in Quebec City

July 2-6: English for Kids Bible Camp in St-Georges, Quebec

July 9-13: English for Kids Bible Camp Week 3 in Quebec City

July 10-16: Venture Missions in Zoar, Wisconsin (Leading VBS program on Menominee Indian Reservation)

July 13-August 6: Team Nozomi (Community Outreach and Work Projects at Nozomi Community Center in Yamamoto, Japan)

August 6-10: English for Teens Bible Camping Trip in Quebec

September: Youth Groups enjoy weekends of fun, fellowship, and live concerts at the Boardwalk Chapel


STM Prayer Guide


PHOTO: Taken by Eli Hirtzel, while serving in the Czech Republic as a member of Team Praha in 2016


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