Naples 2018: Work Teams Enhance Our Credibility

April 2018

Some members of the Spring Break team in Naples, FL!

Christ the King OPC in Naples, FL, welcomes teams of volunteers to come to Naples and participate in outreach and service projects that help expand this church’s witness in the community. The latest team to take up this opportunity was organized by Rob Brinks, Director of Reformed Mission Services. The large team was comprised of members of the United Reformed Church from Iowa, Michigan, South Dakota, and Vermont!

Pastor Eric Hausler of Christ the King OPC coordinated a schedule of activities for the team, and here is his report on their visit:

On Friday, March 30, a team of 22 youth and adults arrived in Naples, FL, for a week of service and outreach with Christ the King OPC.

The team attended three worship services and a mid-week Bible study with our congregation at Christ the King. At the Lord’s Day worship services, they taught our church family two new hymns.

The team spent three days doing outreach projects in the neighborhood called “The Shores,” where my wife Donna and I, as well as our Church Planting Intern Ryan Heaton and his family, live. The team offered free window washing to residents of “The Shores,” just as two previous short-term mission teams had done. Last fall, after Hurricane Irma, another two teams served the neighborhood by clearing away fallen trees and branches. This week’s offer of free window washing had been announced in advance on a social media website, and it was immediately received with positive results based on people’s experience with our previous teams. The reputation of our church, and the credibility of our cause for the Gospel, has been significantly enhanced among our neighbors based on these good works. 

The team spent their last two days serving in various capacities at St. Matthew’s House, a faith-based ministry to the homeless and addicted down the street from where Christ the King OPC meets in East Naples. The ministry of St. Matthew’s has some important connections with our church family as we often have those in the addiction recovery program come to give a testimony before our evening worship service on the Lord’s Day.

Overall, it was a great encouragement to our work in Naples! To God be the glory!

Churches Helping Churches:

If your church needs help with a particular project, please consider contacting OPC Short-Term Missions to request a team. You never know ..... there are likely some folks out there seeking an opportunity to serve!  Let us help you advertise the need and find volunteers to help you!

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