Can Your Church Use a Team?

Volunteers help with outdoor projects at Providence OPC in West Lebanon, New Hampshire

We would like to challenge churches to consider creating a short-term missions opportunity!

Is there a local outreach project, a VBS, a service project, a ministry program, building or landscaping improvements, that you could take on if you had the help of a team from another church or presbytery?

We are told to use our gifts in serving one another (1 Peter 4:10). If you request a team to help out at your church, you will be creating an opportunity for those who desire to use their gifts in short-term service.

Serving One Another:

In the past few years, several churches have made their needs known, and individuals and groups have responded to the call. The collaboration has resulted in thanksgiving for an accomplishment enjoyed by both the team participants and the recipients of the help!

  • Providence OPC, in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, needed help fixing up the old building they had recently acquired, and OPC members from across the country responded to the call! Pastor Tim Herndon reported, “The saints of Providence Presbyterian were so blessed by the warm fellowship and generous service of those who came to work with us! Our little diamond in the rough of a building now stands out in our neighborhood as the nicely kept church building—with the lights on and activity going on inside and out!"
  • Covenant OPC in Barre, Vermont, appreciated the volunteers who came from the midwest to participate in ministering to a brother in their community.
  • New Covenant OPC in South San Francisco, California, is thankful for help they received with their church building's extreme makeover.
  • San Antonio Reformed in Texas received a team from Providence OPC in Austin, Texas, to help them with their local outreach program
  • Christ OPC in Magna, Utah, welcomed Team Utah over three consecutive summers to help with their church refurbishment project
  • Christ the King OPC in Naples, Florida, has received teams to help with local outreach and service projects

How To Request a Team:

Click here to complete a form to "Request a Team to Help Your Church" and we will create a post at, at Facebook, and in the monthly S.T.O.R.M. Report, to help you find a team.


David Nakhla
OPC Short-Term Missions and Disaster Response Coordinator
Cell 562-760-7606