2017 Ministry Team Testimonials: We Had a Time We Will Never Forget

Testimonials from 2017 Ministry Teams, Boardwalk Chapel, Wildwood, New Jersey

Ministry Teams:

A Ministry Team is a church group that comes to the OPC’s Boardwalk Chapel in Wildwood, New Jersey, for a week at a time, from Saturday to Saturday, between mid-June and early September, to serve alongside the Full Time Volunteer Staff in carrying out the ministry of the Boardwalk Chapel.

Week 2:

Boardwalk Chapel Ministry Team Week 2

Tom Noto: We Had a Time We Will Never Forget

Ministry Team Week 2
Church of the Covenant OPC
Hackettstown, New Jersey

I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we had a time we will never forget! Daily working for the Lord, praying, learning, singing, performing skits, living like a little family, were just some of the highlights of the week! In the Photo Gallery below are photos of me and my five teammates as we headed to church Sunday morning (two different photos so that all six of us could be represented!); a photo of us performing a song (either "Holy Holy Holy," or "In Christ Alone," or "It is Well With My Soul"); and one of Pastor Jim Jordan preaching during the nightly program! The Volunteer Staff at the Boardwalk Chapel, the daily singing, and of course the evangelism we did throughout the week all served to grow us, shape us, and teach us more about how God works through prayer! I am so grateful to have participated at the Boardwalk Chapel and I know that God is using this ministry for his Glory!

Week 4:

Boardwalk Chapel Ministry Team Week 4

Kim Perez: That Summer Camp Atmosphere

Ministry Team Week 4
Franklin Square OPC
Franklin Square, New York

The veterans on the Boardwalk Chapel Volunteer Staff swept us right in, and as always, in that summer-camp atmosphere, we bonded quickly with the new staff members as well. This year, Franklin Square had the added bonus of joining with the Ministry Team from Pilgrim OPC (Bangor, ME), and we cannot say enough about how well that went! As in past years, our group jumped right into music and drama ministries, and we saw so much growth and breaking free of comfort zones.

The evangelism training from Evangelism Coordinator Tim Hsu was fruitful and unexpected. Tim taught something of value to every single member of our team, even in the heat of the day and on the heels of lunch time. We were very impressed with the practical ways he applied his lessons and the amount of material that spilled over into our group’s private devotions and conversations throughout the rest of the week.

The weekly Midnight Dinner at the Chapel is a time of fellowship with international employees who work late hours in shops up and down the boardwalk, whom the Chapel staff has befriended. The night we were there, about fourteen internationals came to the dinner. We prepared food for them and enjoyed a time of fellowship and laughter as we learned about each other's cultures and beliefs.

Our week included a special celebration. Two members of our group - former Boardwalk Chapel Volunteer Staff members Danny Dieckmann (Franklin Square OPC) and Alexandra Ramey (Grace OPC, Vienna, VA) - got engaged! It was an exciting way to wrap up our week, and an incredibly tangible blessing to take home with us.

Week 5:

Boardwalk Chapel Ministry Team Week 5

Elanor Lambert: I Witnessed Changing Hearts - Including My Own

Ministry Team Week 5
Heritage PCA
Warrenton, Virginia

I have been a part of the Heritage PCA Boardwalk Chapel Ministry Team for three years, and every moment is worth it. For teens growing up in the church, and especially in my small town community, a real world application of our calling to evangelize seems impossible. The Boardwalk Chapel turns that mindset on its head. We were given gospel-centered training and front-line application of the command to "make disciples of nations." We saw the world as it is—broken, hurting, and in desperate need of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I witnessed changing hearts—including my own. I felt the joy of obedience to God, and understood what it means to be a living praise to God. The example of the staff and their faithfulness to building His Kingdom showed me and my team what it is to be a true servant. 

Week 6:

Sara (right) and some members of Boardwalk Chapel Ministry Team Week 6

Sara Grace Baugh: It Made My Heart Happy

Ministry Team Week 6
Covenant OPC
Orland Park, Illinois

In my life, I have always been challenged by the fact that people only want to talk about menial things. Please do not get me wrong, sometimes small talk is great . . . but my mind is constantly craving deep thoughts and theological conversations. The Boardwalk Chapel Volunteer Staff especially reminded me that kids my age can talk in a deep and thoughtful way.  Every conversation tied back to our wonderful creator and it made my heart happy.

I also experienced a good deal of conviction at the chapel. I struggle with maintaining a devotions schedule, while the people there spent at least 3 hours a day in communal prayer. Their Bibles were always on hand, and they had good portions of it in their heart.

To conclude, I prayed for testing for our whole group as the week approached. My hope was that we would all leave changed. I am very pleased to inform you - we all did! A special 'thank you!' to all the boardwalk staff and what they do. Keep fighting the fight against evil, and light a fire of Christianity all through this world.

Lydia York: Popping that Bubble

Ministry Team Week 6
New Covenant OPC
Joliet, Illinois

Popping That Bubble

Week 7:

Boardwalk Chapel Ministry Team Week 7

An Encouraging and Enriching Week

Ministry Team Week 7
Living Hope OPC, Clarksville, Maryland
Ketoctin OPC, Purcellville, Virginia

An Encouraging and Enriching Week

Week 11:

Members of Boardwalk Chapel Ministry Team Week 11

A Family Affair

Ministry Team Week 11
Faith OPC
Pole Tavern, New Jersey

Faith OPC in Pole Tavern, New Jersey, has been sending groups and families to serve at the Boardwalk chapel for over 20 years.  There are other churches in the Presbytery of New Jersey that also have a long history of involvement with the Chapel, including Immanuel OPC (Bellmawr, NJ) and River of Life OPC (Phillipsburg, NJ).

This summer, Elder Ron Elwell led Faith OPC's ministry team which included 14 members of the Ewell family; the pastor and associate pastor and their wives; and two other members of the church. 

In the photo above, some of Ron's grown children, who have literally grown up at the Chapel, perform along with Caleb Sulk, a first-timer at the Chapel.

Weekend Team:

Tyler Detrick: A Lot Like a Roller Coaster

Weekend Ministry Team
Calvary OPC
Glenside, Pennsylvania

A Lot Like A Roller Coaster


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