Overview – English for Teens Bible Camping Trip (Quebec)

OP Missionary Rev. Ben Westerveld serves as the Pastor of St-Marc's Reformed Church in Quebec City. Each summer, the church reaches out to the community with its "English for Teens" Bible Camping Trip. This Bible-centered, English-immersion camp seeks to share the gospel with local, non-believing, French-speaking families who desire opportunities for their teenaged children to learn and practice speaking English.  

The Camp:

  • The camping trip is held on the outskirts of Quebec City.
  • The purpose of the camp is to teach English conversation and the Bible.
  • Camp activities include fishing, canoeing, campfires, survival training, and plenty of time to discuss the Word of God.
  • St-Marc's Camp Coordinator and bilingual translators run the camp.
  • English-speaking men and women with camping experience from sister Reformed and Presbyterian churches in North America are sought to help lead the camp.
  • Rev. Westerveld will follow up afterwards with the families contacted through the camp.

Rev. Westerveld says, "The teens enjoy getting out of the city and spending a more intensive time together with their friends and the camp leaders. We’re praying for an opportunity to truly connect with the youth and see them grow in their desire to discover and know God the Father."


  • Costs include travel to and from Quebec, and some meals.
  • All other camping and program costs are covered.

Background Reading:

Click here to find Photos and Testimonials from past camps.

Application Form:

  • Applicants must demonstrate a credible faith and Christian life, and have a sincere desire to make Christ known through the project.
  • All volunteers are required to complete an "Application for Québec Short-Term Mission Program."
  • The application form is linked from this website when it becomes available each year.


Rev. Ben Westerveld
OP Missionary and Pastor, St-Marc's Reformed Church
Quebec City, Quebec
Phone 418-659-7943
Email: b_westerveld@hotmail.com


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