A Great Time of Learning and Fellowship

by Members of the Youth Group at Cedar OPC, Hudsonville, MI (June 2017)


Cedar Youth Group enjoying a meal together at the Keys Evangelistic Ministries housing facility

Over spring break in 2017, Pastor Steve Igo led members of the Youth Group of Cedar OPC (Hudsonville, Michigan), and his wife and another couple, on a short-term missions trip to Florida where, in addition to some fun in the sun, they received instruction and experience in evangelism from Pastor Bill Welzien of Keys OPC in Key West!  The young people shared the following testimonials with us:

Brett DeBoef, 12th Grade, Unity Christian School:

I enjoyed the long ride down to Florida, hanging out and watching movies in the van. The food was great, whether it was the Davis's cooking or eating out. The super smash brothers tournaments each night made the trip exhilarating. The Welzien family was very hospitable and we enjoyed riding kayaks in the channel behind their house and drinking homemade Kombucha. Mallory Square was a great experience and it showed us how diverse it is outside of our Dutch ghetto.

Nik Holstege, 12th grade, Homeschool Student:

I enjoyed meeting different people from the congregation at Keys OPC. I enjoyed learning about apologetics from Pastor Bill, and also hearing his talks at Mallory Square. Also, I enjoyed seeing how he reacted to the hecklers. Like everyone else, I also enjoyed the beaches and the sunshine.

Natassja DeWent, 10th grade, Hudsonville High School:

When I went to Key West, I experienced a whole new culture. I loved talking to the locals about the kind of life they have on the island. I found their way of life intriguing. I loved the people we got to hang out with and the ones we met while we were there. I enjoyed going to Mallory Square with Pastor Bill and seeing all the people from all over the world. I saw a lady with her upper body completely painted with flowers, a sight I will never forget. While being in Key West, I discovered my love for travel. I love meeting new people and I would like to have more experiences like this in the future.

Katie Malone, 10th grade, Hudsonville High School:

In Key West, I enjoyed being a part in watching Pastor Bill do his open air preaching. I also loved going to the beach and pier. My favorite part was exploring Duval Street and learning more about Key West and Bill's ministry.

Charlie Baker, 12th grade, Zion Christian School:

I enjoyed going to the beach. I enjoyed listening to Pastor Bill. I enjoyed getting gains and super smash brothers! I also enjoyed snorkeling when Brandon went swimming with his phone in his pocket. I liked hanging with all the people down south, and Alimigators!

Silas Faber, 10th grade, Lexus Academy:

What I enjoyed most about the Cedar Church mission trip was the fun activities we engaged in. Some of these activities were fully planned out, and eagerly anticipated by the youth planners and participants. Others were spontaneous. The fellowship enjoyed by everyone on the trip was tangible in every situation. With the coordinated effort of everyone involved, we achieved the education of the youth group and the cleaning of the Key West church building. We joined Pastor Bill as he demonstrated his evangelistic work through open air preaching at Mallory Square.

Micah Faber, 12th grade, Lexus Academy:

I found our mission trip to Key West extremely encouraging. I really enjoyed going to Mallory Square and helping Bill Welzien witness to people. Also, our afternoon snorkeling was one of the highlights of the trip. Although the ride down and back was extremely long, it turned out to be a very fulfilling experience. It was a great time of learning and fellowship.

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