30th Anniversary of Bill Welzien’s Ministry in Key West

August 2016 marked 30 years since OP Pastor Bill Welzien began doing his open-air easel evangelism at Mallory Square in Key West, Florida! In his article "Glancing Back and Forward," in a recent newsletter from Keys Evangelistic Ministries (KEM) where Bill serves as Director and Evangelist, Bill shares an inspiring glimpse into his life and work (link, below).

Bill says:

"I marvel that the Lord brought me to Himself. I marvel that He brought me into the ministry. I marvel that I know what I know about Him and His Word! I am astounded that He allows me to do the work I am doing."

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Evangelism Training:

At this website, we regularly feature Pastor Welzien's invitation for teams to come to KEM to receive classroom instruction and practical experience in evangelism training.

Bill Welzien evangelizing at Mallory Square


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