Churches Helping Churches: Team Work in Key West!

February 2017

Patti and Mark Palmer, Donna and Dave Taylor, Pete Onnink and his daughter Jessica Baugh

Here is a great example of churches helping churches in the OPC!

Early in 2017, members of churches from three different states came together to share their skills and enhance the ministry at Keys Evangelistic Ministries in Key West, Florida, by installing a new kitchen in the housing facility!

The "key" players were:

  • Bob Keys (Grace OPC, Columbus, OH)
  • John Voss (Covenant OPC, Orland Park, IL)
  • Pete Onnink (Covenant OPC, Orland Park, IL)
  • Jessica Onnink (Covenant OPC, Orland Park, IL)
  • Patti and Mark Palmer (Providence OPC, Huntsville, AL)
  • David and Donna Taylor (Providence OPC, Bradenton, FL)

The project:

Bob Keys has served on the board at Keys Evangelistic Ministries (KEM) for 10 years and has been helping to bring about the renovation of the Keys OPC facility, where teams that come to receive Evangelism Training from Pastor Bill Welzien are lodged at no charge.

About a year and a half ago, John Voss traveled to Key West to scope out several projects that were subsequently completed by Pete Onnink and others from Covenant OPC.  While there, John also made preparations and worked out many of the details for the kitchen renovation, asking Pete Onnink to serve as the leader on that project, too.

Bob kicked it all off in January 2017 when he went to Key West to purchase the materials for the project and to install the new lighting.

In early February, Pete Onnink and his daughter Jessica drove down from Illinois to begin their work. Mark and Patti Palmer came from Alabama to join them. David and Donna Taylor from Bradenton, Florida, were vacationing nearby at this time and when they heard of the work going on at Keys Church, they came to pitch in, too!

A large space that had served for 25 years as a combination kitchen / eating / sitting / working / storage area was turned into one large kitchen with the installation of:

  • new ceiling
  • new lighting
  • new cabinets
  • new counter tops
  • new sink and faucets
  • new appliances
  • new laminate flooring

This included electrical and plumbing service and the removal of the existing island.

Thank You, Team!

"What an improvement this was! Thanks to each member of the team that gave of their time and energy to make this major improvement for Keys Presbyterian Church and the ministry of KEM," says project organizer and KEM board member, Bob Keys.

"WOW! What an awesome finished product! This team was amazing. What a difference this will make for teams coming down in the future. Praise the Lord for your labor and for the precious laborers He sent to complete this project!" says KEM President, Rev. David Bickers.

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