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2016 Venture Mission TEAM PHOTO CROPPED for STORM

This year marks our 10th Venture Missions:

Team Co-Leader Gordon Oliver
(with Co-Leaders Kelly Rose and Laura Dowds in photo, above)
Pastor, Covenant OPC, Shawano, WI:

“Once again this summer, a short-term missions team made up of students from the Presbytery of the Midwest gathered for Venture Missions.  Venture Missions takes place on the Menominee and Stockbridge Indian Reservations in Zoar, Wisconsin. The team is first trained in cross-cultural missions and then prepares for Vacation Bible School (VBS) on each reservation. The team performs skits, teaches Bible lessons, plays games, and spends one-on-one time sharing the gospel with the children who come. This year marks our 10th Venture Missions!” 

Enthusiasm and zeal for sharing Christ’s love:

Emily Baldwin
Grace OPC, Hanover, IL:

“Venture Missions 2016 was a great experience. Even though it was my fourth year going on the trip, I learned so many new things. There will always be new people, new experiences, and new ways to get outside of my comfort zone. Working with the Venture Missions team is different each year, but I was encouraged to see in the team so much enthusiasm and zeal for sharing Christ’s love with the people on the Indian Reservation. I am praying that God continues to work in their hearts as well as ours.” 

Teach them to trust and believe in Jesus:

2016 Venture Mission testimonial photo Christian Baybutt

Christian Baybutt (on left, above)
Bethel OPC, Wheaton, IL:

"Even though we were supposed to be a shining light for the kids in Zoar, seeing how happy and content they were given their living situations really left an impact on me. Not only did this trip help us develop relationships with the children, it also helped build friendships between the teen helpers and pastors that last much longer than the one week camp. The whole experience was not like your usual VBS, but seemed more genuine, allowing us to first gain the trust of a child, and from there, teach them to trust and believe in Jesus."

These opportunities are everywhere:

2016 Venture Mission testimonial photo Tommy Troxel

Tommy Troxel
Bethel OPC, Wheaton, IL:

"Venture Missions gives high school and college students great opportunities to serve God and to serve others in a cross-cultural environment. Venture Missions has also taught me that these opportunities are everywhere and it is my responsibility to take advantage of them. This Mission has helped me build stronger relationships with the Menominee people, fellow OPC believers, and with the Lord."

Sharing the gift of Jesus:

2016 Venture Mission testimonial photo Holly Marcoux

Holly Marcoux (on left, above)
Chain-O-Lakes OPC, Central Lake, MI:

"I enjoyed time spent with other young believers, gathered together for a common goal: bringing the gospel to the Menominee people. It was a great experience learning about a totally different culture within the United States. I loved performing skits for the children, giving them love and attention, and sharing the gift of Jesus with them. I now have a greater understanding of what mission work is like, and I got some practice talking to strangers while canvassing for VBS. All in all, it was an enjoyable and educational experience."

God is watering the seed planted in these young hearts:

2016 Venture Mission testimonial photo Alyssa Jackson

Alyssa Jackson
Grace OPC, Springfield, IL:

"I have experienced so much growth throughout the seven years I have gone on the VMZ trip, but the bigger blessing has been to see the growth of the mission. Going consecutive years allows me to see kids grow up and continue to come to VBS each year. It is a joy to see familiar faces and to know that God is watering the seed planted in these young hearts, as well as the adults that attend. Pray that the church will continue to grow and be a strong influence on the Reservations, so eventually Menominee can minister to Menominee and Stockbridge to Stockbridge. Pray for Pastor Micah as he continues to shepherd the flock, and Praise God that he works so well with these people!" 

2017 is coming soon - so join us:

2016 Venture Mission testimonial photo Micah Shin

Team Co-Leader Micah Shin (on left, above)
Pastor Elect, Menominee OPC, Zoar, WI, and Old Stockbridge OPC, Gresham, WI:

“As we spent time together 24 hours every day during the one week (July 23-29), our Heavenly Father was merciful upon us that we became one in the same heartbeat of the gospel of Christ. I pray that all the participants would continue to be in the paths of His abundant blessings and to be co-workers of the precious ministry in Zoar and Gresham in Wisconsin. 2017 is coming soon, so join us! Another shower room might be installed by that time!" 

Many thanks to Micah Shin for sharing his photos and rounding up the following testimonials from this year's Venture Missions team!

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