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Team Uganda: Kaylin Sheftick, Lydia Taverne, Stephen Diercks, Laura Dowds, Alexander Patcos, Rev. Peter Sim, Scott Nelson, Eli Hirtzel

Ekiruk 89:1 (Psalm 89:1)
Aiokini ayon akisyon ke Ekapolon nikaru ka nikaru
I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever

June 22- July 23, 2015, seven young people from seven different OP churches across the country traveled with team leader Rev. Peter Sim to Uganda to work with our missionaries in Karamoja to introduce the recently translated Children’s Catechism to local schools.  This team was sent by the Youth Committee of the Presbytery of Southern California, which also sends out Team Haiti and Team Praha. This was the first year for Team Uganda!

OP churches represented on Team Uganda:

  • Theophilus OPC, Anaheim, CA
  • Bayview OPC, Chula Vista, CA
  • Branch of Hope OPC, Torrance, CA
  • Calvin OPC, Phoenix, AZ
  • Emmanuel OPC, Kent, WA
  • Grace OPC, Springfield, IL
  • Providence OPC, Pataskala, OH
  • Sovereign Grace OPC, Redlands, CA

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