Churches Helping Churches: Extreme Makeover: OPC Edition

by Jon Sanchez, New Covenant OPC, South San Francisco, CA

From the October 2012 issue of New Horizons




An “Extreme Makeover” team transformed the build­ing and grounds of New Covenant OPC in South San Francisco, California, in July 2012. The workers came from five OP churches in California: South San Francisco, San Francisco, San Jose, Torrance, and San Marcos. Workers also came from four OP churches outside California: Doniphan, Missouri; Vienna, Virginia; Middletown, Pennsylvania; and Toms River, New Jersey. The workweek was organized and led by Jon and Lindsay Sanchez with much help and financial support from Julie Hirtzel, Robert Stark, David Crum, Matthews OPC in Matthews, North Carolina, and the building and grounds committee of New Covenant OPC.

Jon Sanchez reported: "On July 9, 2012, a group of more than thirty people came from nine churches across the country to transform the inside, outside, and grounds of New Covenant OPC in South San Francisco, California. We bit off more than we could chew, but we had a great time doing what we could. The participants were a huge blessing to our small church, and their involvement stirred up our own members to increased unity, renewed vigor for Christ’s church, and deeper friendships. We are delighted with our new building, and our desire to spread the good news throughout our community is at an all-time high."

Could your church benefit from such an event? If you would like to lead the next "Extreme Makeover: OPC Edition" for your church, contact David Nakhla at [email protected].



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